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14etan's News

Posted by 14etan - April 18th, 2013

so been away from NG for awhile, mainly because i have been lacking in the music department, but fear not for i have returned in 2013 with 2 new tracks for your listening pleasure

Posted by 14etan - April 25th, 2012

101 days I'm working on a new musical project called 101 days please subscribe


Posted by 14etan - April 7th, 2012

I got this really awesome song going, but i don't know how to finish it. It's Reached it's climax now i just need to bring it on home.


Posted by 14etan - April 4th, 2012

So I "HAD" a term paper... I'm gonna finish a song

P.s. If you are a sexy lady I appreciate pics and phone #'s


Posted by 14etan - April 1st, 2012


Posted by 14etan - January 22nd, 2012



Posted by 14etan - August 20th, 2011


Posted by 14etan - August 9th, 2011

so im gonna spend hours on a new song that 4 people will listen to

Posted by 14etan - January 24th, 2011

i need to write some music

Posted by 14etan - October 28th, 2010

I loved my daughter dearly; you must understand this before I can tell my tale. I loved her so dearly so very, very much. She was all I had left of my Pricilla. Oh dear Pricilla, struck down in the very prime of your beauty, how dearly I wish you see your face again. And indeed I did for in her daughter I saw the same face I loved so many years ago. I loved my daughter with my whole being. There was no morning in which I did not greet her with the kindest of smile. When she fell ill so to did my heart, and I stayed by her bed, till every foul demon had left her. In the spring we would walk through the garden, and I would weave the most beautiful of the flowers into a ring, which I placed upon her head. On her birthday I gave her a white cat, she loved that cat and so did I as it brought my dear daughter such happiness. The three of us would share the warmth of a fire, and my daughter would recite the most wondrous of stories. I sat in my large velvet chair, as she recited tales and legends of old. Then when the stories were over, she would say "papa sing us a song". I gladly obliged, I sang with such vigor that the fire had less energy then I. As the night came to an end my daughter would fall asleep with the cat purring in her lap. I would put one more log on the fire and settle down for the night. I loved every second I spent with her, but the more I was with her the more I wished to see Pricilla once more. I yearned for a way to see her face just once more. One night while looking over manuscripts I found it, a way to see the one I had lost so long ago. It was on a cold winter night after the stories had been told, and my song sung, I neglected to place another log on the fire. My daughter was fast asleep and was undisturbed by the furniture I was moving. It was quite light and easily lifted. I quickly, yet quietly so quietly cleared a space in the room. I toiled over the preparations making sure every line was straight and, every candle was in place. Finally there was a large space cleared with a large chalk circle in its midst. The circle was filled with all manner of symbols and letters, few of which I was familiar. It was well past midnight when I had finished the preparations. My daughter was sleeping soundly on the couch with the cat on her lap, and I slowly mad my way towards them. I slowly, carefully, made my way across the room to the couch. At last after what seemed like hours I stood over them. I gently of so carefully reached a hand down, and picked up the cat. It woke with a start, but its neck was broken long before a sound escaped. I placed the cat in the center of the chalk circle I had made. I lit the candles and muttered a few incantations. I held my breath. The whole room seemed to look over the body of the cat, waiting. I waited for what seemed like hours. At last the cat twitched, its head jerked up and its mouth opened wide, wide, and wider still. Then every thing was still. Something was wrong, it didn't work right, and then a shrill scream pierced the air. It didn't work, what was wrong, it didn't work. A broken, and shadowy figure appeared before me. "It didn't work something's wrong" I now realized I was screaming. I turned around to see my daughter staring in fright at the contorted feline in the floor. "I just wanted to see your mother," I said. I stared at the shadowy figure for a while. I lunged at my daughter, and strangled her to death. Dragging her body into the circle I muttered the incantations once more the figure became more distinct but what I saw was not my Pricilla. A horrid decaying creature, a mockery of her beauty stood before me. It was there for an instant and then gone. The room was quite silent, so very very quiet. I picked up my daughter. "Why are you on the floor my dear? It's off to bed with you. What would your mother say?" I placed her upon the bed and she nodded of to sleep. I then sat in my large velvet chair and began to sing.